Thank you for thinking of J. Rieger & Co. for your sponsorship opportunity. To be able to serve the greatest number of organizations in the most beneficial and fair way to all parties, we have streamlined our donation process. 

Please be advised that although we would like to be able to assist every organization in reaching their goals, we receive requests far in excess of our annual sponsorship budget. As a result, sometimes we must decline support to worthy organizations and programs, which is in no way a reflection on the organization or the value of its services.

Before filling out your request, please note the following:


  • PER MISSOURI STATE LAW, we can only donate directly to 501(c)3 organizations, educational institutions and religious institutions. If you do not fit one of those categories, or are a third party rising funds on behalf of an organization, we cannot provide a donation.
  • We can only accept requests that are received 60+ days prior to the event date.
  • If you are looking for a donation from the restaurant The Rieger or the bar Manifesto, you’re unfortunately in the wrong place. Please contact The Rieger or Manifesto for your request.


J. Rieger & Co. offers 2 donation options at this time:

Option 1: Auction/ raffle item.  The item we offer is a boxed set of our products (Vodka, Whiskey and Gin). The box contains 3 full size (750ml) bottles of liquor and is valued at $85. 

If you would like to apply to get a gift box set for your event, please click here.


Option 2: Bar partners. We are currently accepting applications for 2019 charity event bar partners. As a bar partner, J. Rieger & Co. will provide all Vodka, Whiskey and Gin needed for your event as well as pre-batch a signature cocktail(s) and assist in cocktail menu development. We will review applications in December 2018 and contact the selected organizations by the end of 2018. 

*please note we do NOT provide bartending services

If you would like to apply to be a 2019 J. Rieger & Co. bar partner, please click here.


Thank you again for thinking of J. Rieger & Co. for your Sponsorship opportunity.